Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blogging with wireless

I have been using my lack of wireless internet as an excuse not to blog for the longest time.  Well, now I have wireless so I have no excuse.  So here I am.

I have been using moving as an excuse not to eat properly and make time for exercise.  Well now I'm moved, so I've got no excuse and it's time to start afresh (again).

The thing is, I've started afresh about 25 times when it comes to eating well and exercising.  It makes me not want to start again.  It's dis-couraging.  But I will take up my courage and start again because, in the end, what else can you do?  The only alternative is to quit and I know for sure that then I will just slowly deteriorate.  SO, onwards and upwards.

I read once this thing that there is a courage of happiness as well as a courage of sorrow.  I totally love that.  It's actually quite scary to be happy, because the happier you are the more you have to lose.  Like loving, when you experience joy you open yourself up to the possibility of pain.  

It's sometimes easy to stay in the sorrow place, because at the very least it is safe and predictable - better the devil you know.  But, of course, the better path is joy because I have no intention of living a life halfway.

I used to write a lot about being in a halfway happy place, but the last 5 years have been a focussed journey away from that place and into a place called Joy.

I think the place called Joy is whatever is after the birth that we call death, but I have been learning lately that we can bring heaven to earth same as we can bring hell to earth.

Well, heaven is on earth for me today.


Today I could move mountains with my joy! 
Could drink the golden liquid of the sun 
Or stride the sky, or wilder means employ 
To shout aloud my gladness as I run. 
I am stretched out to endless space and time, 
There is no distance where I cannot be. 
The stars behind the starry fields sublime 
Are but the marrow and the flesh of me.

There is no measure made for me today! 
A universe has opened in my soul. 
I feel me not a part of worlds at play, 
But strangely and convincingly the whole. 
Who knows but some bright shaft from god's hand given 
Has split my mind and poured it full of heaven!

Dora Hagemeyer


Andrew and Alice Brown said...

It's interesting you think of a scary aspect to being happy. I guess happiness manifests itself in different ways for different people. :)

For me, happiness is more explicit in when I experience it, I'm happy when I'm in nature and can clear my mind and pay attention to how amazing life is, it's not something I can lose as such. I don't really go through happy phases of life and less-happy phases..

And I hope this isn't patronising, but here is a link to an encouraging site about weights for women. it's not about getting muscley, but it might be something to think about, the benefits of more muscle mass on your body are pretty big, including increasing the amount of energy you burn on a daily basis just by existing. It's pretty awesome, all women should do weights, it's insane that they don't :)
It's just very easy to add muscle mass compared to exercising all the time (not that it replaces it of course, but it's better than nothing), and if you buy cheap warehouse weights you can do them at home in the lounge!

Iain said...

First post FAIL!
It looks like I will have to get up earlier next time.

I don't think you're starting again, think about where you are now versus where you were. You're at a midpoint in the journey and if you just keep muddling on bit by bit then you'll get to whatever goal weight you have in your mind.

Besides, it seems like we all need each other. I've found it harder to be motivated lately at going to the gym so why don't we all use our common difficulties to team up? You, Sumo and I all go to the same gym, so why don't we coordinate more times doing weights together? That's where I agree with Andrew: building muscle amplifies the weight-loss benefit of how much your body burns at rest, in activities, as well as the fact that strength-training increases your metabolism for around 12 hours afterward.

You're doing well tho. As U2 sing, "Of science and the human heart there is no limit. / There is no failure here sweet-heart, just when you quit."

As YOU told me, when you can't run you jog, and when you can't jog you walk. But the old saying goes further, when you can no longer walk then you get somebody else to carry you. I can think of a few relational beings who would approve.

Sharyn said...

Lol, thanks guys. True that, I will definitely go see the damn gym instructor and torture myself in a new way. I did do weights quite a lot last time I lost weight so I should do it again.

Iain said...

Sweet, let me know how it goes and then we can go feel the pain together.

Well, if not together at least in close proximity... unless they DO have new machines that allow two people to lift each other's bodyweight.