Saturday, December 12, 2009

Joy and Despair

Joy because, against all expectations, I really AM going to make all my Christmas Presents this year AND I'm sure that everyone will really like them. Pretty sure.

Despair because it seems the Black Dog is back, just when I'm started to be 'happy and secure' in the knowledge things were actually better.

The thing with Humans is, there's room for both.


Iain said...


And there is strength in the arms of friends if you find a day brings too much burden.

You're a beautiful woman, Sharyn, and I know that I am just one among *many* friends who care for you greatly. We'll weep with you at times, but I also know that I can look forward to laughing with you.

Deb said...


ElizabethB said...

One thought i have heard is that when the black dog comes around dont feed him!
You are so loved xx