Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Last day at work today which means less time on the computer and more time frantically knitting, sewing and cooking for Christmas!

All prayers appreciated at the moment. The Sumo had a terrible experiance a couple of nights ago and is, quite frankly, broken-hearted. Very tough for her.

Looking so forward to Christmas with my beloved parents and sisters and brother-in-laws and nieces and nephews and friends. Looking forward to going to Golden Bay and relaxing and taking millions of photograpsh and HOPEFULLY writing some new poetry.

Have a marvelous Christmas and New Years and remember, the Face of the Beloved is Everywhere.

P.S. New temporary header photo - Pohutukawa in Sumner. Love Christmas in the Summer.


Deb said...

love and prayers to you both xxxx

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