Sunday, January 03, 2010

I've taken to talking to God in the toilet.

Good morning, 2010.

Right now I have the Sumo's lunch on my desk and I'm doing my very best not to eat it. Okay, I've eaten some of it. It's so good (thanks Mum). Why don't you eat your own, you say? Well, then what would I eat at lunchtime? Duuuurrrr.

I bought a new camera last night, so exciting! It's amazing how much camera technology has developed since I bought my last new camera about four years ago. I'm kind of in love. I absolutely love taking photographs and it's so nice to have a camera that doesn't run out of battery after 10 minutes.

There are so many fun things I will be able to do with this baby. I hope this year to nuture my creative side. I don't think I've ever really tried to do that. It's always been quite haphazard. I've never seen myself as a creative person. I guess I'm getting to know a new side of myself.
Interesting time for me right now, lots of learning and growing. Details to come, maybe.
Missing my sister. Come home and blog why don't ya?
And, I have been talking to God in the toilet.


Helen said...

I haven't heard (or read) anyone say (or write) 'duuurrr' in a very long time. You are such a dork. I love you!

That you say you've never seen yourself as a creative person is astounding. That's... who you are. That's your very core. (As far as I am aware.)

Anonymous said...

CREATIVE is your title!Silly girl.

Just dont blame God if you get constipation, it only means He wants to hear more from you :)

Sharyn said...

LOL to both of you.