Friday, January 15, 2010

On seeing...and finding....and recieving.

Oh what an exciting day or two. The Sumo found tickets to one of my favorite ever artists, Joanna Newsom who is playing at the Repertory.

And yesterday, my sparrow brooch arrived:

AND today I took a photo of a leaf. Well, I was in the building consent officers' office and Greg is growing a manderin (?) plant under a lamp. I took some photos of the leaf because, well, it's shaped like a heart and it's hairy. Could it be cooler?

Well, Greg comes in and says 'what are you doing'? In the tone of disbelief he reserves just for me and my antics (like the time I threw a can of creamed corn in the recycling without properly washing it...).
I said, I'm taking a picture of your leaf.

He said why?
I said, because it's cool. Look.

And he said, well I guess when you see it like that.

Well, I do see it like that.
And then finally, last night, Simona found a snail on our 'walk' (okay, to the Supermarket for chocolate buttons and sour worms) and I carried him home on my hand so I could get a picture.
Here he is:

Now he's living in our garden.

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