Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On contemplating...

Lots of thinking going on for me right now, aided greatly by the exercise programme because I always think best while I'm walking.

A couple of things helping me:

Don't let the urgent crowd out the important.


Find the place where the world's deep hunger and your deep happiness meet.

I'm thinking about how I can live like this. I'm thinking about how the generosity is at the very heart of the nature of God. I'm thinking about who I really am and how I can live with integrity. I'm thinking about how we choose our life (more or less). I'm thinking about how time heals. I'm thinking about learning to really see. I'm thinking about what matters and who matters.

Do yourself a favour, listen to a Rob Bell sermon. You can find them on iTunes or at

Now, I'm going to buy some black berries and eat them dipped in chocolate.


One Girl said...

love listening to Rob Bell! i'm listening to Velvet Elvis at the mo! very good book:-)

Sharyn said...

Oh I love Velvet Elvis. And you.