Friday, March 12, 2010

File this under 'random'

I just DON'T GET why the judges like that Dwayne/Dwight guy on AI.  Seriously?  So mundane.  Talk about karaoke.

Oooh while I'm here let me tell you about a new favorite: love/hate jewellery from Australia.  I especially love their hot air balloon earrings and, well, really all of their brooches.  Check 'em out here.

Anyways, I had a new hair cut this week.

Ta da!

I'm very happy with it - there's some colour in there two, not that you can see it, but it's cute and it's fun and I overheard my hairdresser say to my sister about me "I think she's quietly out there!".  And that made me warm inside.  I am out there.  Quietly.

I've got some other random pics to share:

dead head

bit of a flag

bit of bridge

These are some of my favorite kinds of photographs.  Kind of random, very textured, heavy on the colour.  

In other news, my room is still tidy (miracle of miracles) and here's another pic of it.  

Okay, two.

And now, to complete this post-of-randomness, I shall be off to the supermarket with the Sumo to get fruit juice and fruit.  At 11:00pm.

Because, I feel the need.

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