Monday, March 08, 2010

Warning: Photo Overload

SORRY, I can't help it. Last weekend (the one before last...) I spent the Sunday tidying my room. I have no before shots. Before shots could not be taken because it was beyond a before shot.

Everything I owned was in the floor.


Not even a path to my bed.

My parents would have been sad, if they had seen it. It did make my other flatmates feel better though, because their rooms were ALWAYS tidier than mine.

Anyway, I tidied.

And then I took photos.

And here are those photos.

Thank you Picnik.


Deb said...

Your room is never the MESSIEST! lol, but I want this room, oh it looks so lovely. Can I move in? also I have a another wee orange quilt for you, small relation of the one you already have... you want??

One Girl said...

i love these photos!!!