Thursday, March 18, 2010

To funny not to share...

This is an email from The Sumo that I recieved today:


I go into the toilets, swing the door open violently then hear an 'ooh' behind it. Cue girl with coffee close to the other side of the door. No prob, she doesn't spill it. Now I'm standing there and the door is shutting and she has all her hands full and is about to get shut in the door. So, with my left hand I stop the door. However, she still can't fit out. I can't open it with my awkardly placed left arm so I reach around to grab it with my right arm... failure to disconnect left hand from door.

Then I realise with horror that both my left and right hands at holding the door, and she is between them…


Worse…her response…

Awwwwww thank you.

Hahahahahahaha. Off to lunch…ciao
You have to love her, you just do.

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Deb said...

hahahahahahahahahahha gotta love the Sumo! hahahahahaha