Thursday, June 09, 2005


I am confused. I am stuck between old church and new church.

I am confused. I am unsure as to how well exactly I have worked through my 'baggage' (I thought it was done)

I am confused. I have made some bad financial choices in the past, and now I don't now what to do about them.

I am confused. I thought I heard from God about a certian action I was to take, and now it seems like I heard wrong.

I am confused. By all this talk of women and who I am supposed to be.

I am confused. I thought I was so secure about myself, and now I meet new people and find myself wondering if they like me and if so, why they would.

I am confused. Stuck in the middle.

That's not to say I am unhappy, just that I am confused.


Lynne said...

Deep peace
to you
and in you
and through you.

SubversNZ said...

Well, we (Anne and I) really like you Sharyn.

Echoing Lynne, in the words of Third Day, "Peace like a river flows".

God's much bigger than our mistakes, to the point where we end up in a better position than if we hadn't have ever made them.

Like me just failing to get into journalism school (2002), and just failing to get into the Auckland political studies MA programme (2003). So now I'm at BCNZ (2004->), doing well, and loving it! Who would have known? Not me!

Iain said...

"And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if your way should falter
Along this stony pass

It's just a moment
This time will pass

~U2, Stuck in a Moment.

"Of science and the human heart,
There is no limit.
There is no failure here, sweetheart,
Just when you quit

~U2, Miracle Drug.

To use the words my Principle, Mark Strom, said today at 'Community Worship' to those BCNZ grads leaving at the half-year mark:

I pray that God frees you from the false choices that you feel you have to make between one thing and another and see that you can make your goals encompass the whole world.


Keeping you in my prayers,


Sharyn said...


amy said...

Shaz, I can understand sum of the confusions going on for you... I just want you to know that you are very special to me and that I respect you and am glad to be friends with you! I have so appreciated your love and support to me over the last week, you don't know what that means for me. Really.

Remember "This too shall pass" May your confusion soon fade and all become clear to you :)

Shawn said...

I always find my confusions are solved be either alcohol or reading the book of Matthew. My personal recomendation would be the reading thing.

I know what you mean about bad financial choices. What took me about 3 minutes to spend took me about 5 years to pay off.

A. J. Chesswas said...

It's times like this I like to draw on the great Kiwi philosopher, John Mitchell...

"We're on a journey"

Danielle said...

hey shaz, I think I might be able to help some in regards to the confusion about why people would like you, because I am quite experienced in this area :) You are such an amazing person. You are incredibly funny, as well as being a really deep thinker. I love your songs and your poems. I love that you dont just except things the way that they are. I personally just think you are really great and I know alot of other people who do too.
Although this may not help in the rest of your confusions, I thought I might just try and clear that up for you. :0)

Sharyn said...

Wow, I am overwelmed by all of your support! Thank you so much for all your kind words.

I don't know what to say! Just thank you, it means so much.