Monday, June 13, 2005


Just LOOK at my beautiful mother.


Jo said...

That's an awesome picture. she's so cute!

Andrew said...

I sense that Sharyn wants something.....?

::Shannon:: said...

haha. yes. she is beautiful.

this is what happens to artists when they put their work on the World wide web, they get ripped off! any credit worth giving? hmmm? ;)

Sharyn said...

oooh sorry Shannon! How rude of me. This was Shannon's photo...she is master photographer....

Iain said...

My Mum never smiles like that for photos, what was your secret?

I'm a master photographer to. My portfolio is about two photos large, consisting of a beautiful shot of south island lupins (the colour flowers in the background of your Mum reminded me of them) and the other is a sepia photo of what looked like the most classic Movie-Land alley you can think of.

mmm sepia, so good, so arthouse.

Hey! Why isn't this photo in sepia?!

Elizabeth said...

Coz I am sepia enough boy!
Hmmm, venerable, makes me think of Abraham when he was a new Dad. Old, white haired, wrinkly so I asked Shaz what she had in mind, "Oh, ancient, Chinese, personifies venerable" in her mind.

Ah, well moving right along, I really cant afford to continue bribing you kids to mention me world wide but thanx I think!
Want to coffee with me sometime Andrew? I have half price vouchers from McDonalds for fundraising, I think you need to learn how to approach august people!
Take note Simona, august is another meaning of venerable. Is that the hidden meaning behind your blog name? :-)

Iain said...

So, really, Simona is trying to tell us a coded message.

'August and everything after' really means, 'life begins at forty'

Simona said...

Oh yes that is right...i am very very intelligent and witty. So you lot FINALLY figured out my MENZA style blog title. Took you all long enough. In fact my birthday isn't really in August at all...I have my own secret month between December and January because I am so clever that God would not have me share my birthday...(thought: I wonder if they can hear me...i have no idea what august means, other than making Augustus feel they definately can't hear me...that's why I can laugh at my own joke hahahahahahahaha fade out).

Elizabeth said...

"I am so clever that God would not have me share my birthday"
See I knew you didn't exist! I rest my case.

Iain said...

Oh yeah?

You know how that guy off the Pirates of Penzance (spelling?), the Gilbert & Sullivan theatre play (what do you mean, "who are Gilbert & Sullivan?", perverts!), had his birthday on the extra day on the leapyear? That way he aged three times as slow.

Well, God agreed with me that Earthlings are a bit silly, the way they base their birthdays off the path of the Earth round the Sun. God let me base mine off the path of our solar system around the Galaxy. That means i'm 0.000000125 Galaxy-Years old.

In case you couldn't work that out, that's like 3.942 Galaxy-Seconds.