Monday, June 20, 2005

My blog is getting boring

I blame study. It has robbed me of my mind. It has robbed me of enthusiasm. It has robbed me even of my sense of humour. I am tired. I am ugly - dressed in worst clothes, hair in disaray, skin outbroken). I am illish, but not enough to get out of my exam tomorrow. I should be in bed, and I still haven't panicked.

I did, however, spent the best part of this afternoon doing the wrong reading.

I also went to pick up my essay today, and discovered that it had not been handed in. Doh. Well, I submitted it via the intranet system at Uni, and it failed. Nevermind, my lecturer is the best, and he marked it for me then and there (I got an A). That was the one about Pakeha ethnicity.

Now I should be in bed trying to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. But I'm not, I'm up reading all your bloogs and trying not to think about politics. I think I will not vote this year. It seems clear to me that all parties are essentially the same, and nothing really changes. It is in the interests of the power elite to maintain the status quo, and thus it is maintained.

Interesting from today's study (about ratings...actually really enjoyed it once I got into it): that the media does not tell us what to think, only what to think about, that is, they set the agenda. Nobody talks about Rwanda, unless its on the news. Or, more subtly, the media does talk (at length) about the alleged corruption in the goverments of low income countries like Indonesia, but they fail to mention the corruption rife in the governments of America, the UK and our own precious place. Yes, and thus the agenda is set (and the status quo maintained).


andrew brown said...

I don't really watch the news so where do you think I get my topics of conversation from? I spend too much time on an internet forum, maybe thats why my topics of conversation involve the internet. hmmmm what a loser ;)

Iain said...


You're right about that, you know.

"Cognitive dissonance"

I found this term while surfing the Net in various sites involving over-blown conspiracy theories, parodies of over-blown conspiracy theories and fantasy-fiction novelist websites.

The website that I had found this word in had it as part of the system whereby the controlling evil supersystem made us think certain things, or NOT think certain things, through programming us to feel mental discomfort at the presence of certain codewords, thereby avoiding considering certain topics.

While that was a load of codswallop, the way that they used "cognitive dissonance" was an interesting one.

I have a friend that tends to feel fear & hate towards middle eastern people. Why? He knows nothing about middle-eastern people. Coincidentally, he tends to feel warmth and association with Americans. Why? He has met as few Americans as he has middle-eastern people.

A few decades ago, the propaganda machine set about demonising Japanese people, caricaturing them as buck-toothed, rice-paddy hat wearing dwarves with thick-rimmed glasses. After the war was over, it took a very real and concerted effort to undo the effects of this propaganda.

The same thing is happening again, and somehow people don't see this.

Life is more complex than we think. We are fed information through our television now, pre-chewed by somebody else.

Gone is the need to critically think, with the advent of electronic spoonfeeding.

And the status quo is maintained.

Elizabeth said...

Iain has said it all so I can be frivolous.

In a tiny voice, "is a 'bloog' a blog written when the blogger is sick, busy, overwhelmed and tired but lacking in panic, dread, alarm or fear and an exam looms within 24 hours? Just wondered."
Ummm .........
Would you then become a blooger?

::Shannon:: said...

congrats on the A :)

A is for attractive! (baggy eyes and all) hooray!

Iain said...

By the way, blogs are never boring, it's the BLOGGER that, uh...

Wait! I mean... it's the... journey that makes... the destination, um, worth it.

It's true, Confuseus said it.