Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's all over

Yep, that's right. Exams are finished for me, and man I feel fantastic. I have had a lazy day, slept in till all hours, did the ironing, ate, watched the Warriors win with my Dad. Such a good feeling.

Plus, now I can actually blog properly, and at regular intervals, instead of posting moans irregularly.

God has looked after me so much, I don't deserve it! My last exam stressed me out BIG TIME, but God helped me study perfectly, so that I was able to answer the questions as well as I possibly could. I couldn't have done better at that exam, even if I'd done hours more study. God is good!

So now, looking forward to Dave Dobbyn next weekend, and moving in the fortnight following that. Wow, flatting. It's a big move for me, but I feel ready and excited.

So yeah, I promise this is the last bad post I post. Promise


A. J. Chesswas said...

Yeah.... happy vibes, all good :) The Lord is good ay. Looking forward to some more interesting posts. Also looking forward to Dave dobbyn - he plays in Eltham in two days time

amy said...


Yah for Shaz! Thats awesum you finished your exams & it went so well. Been thinking of you & wondering how you r. Bring on Dave!

Shawn said...

That's awesome Sharyn. Well done. It's always such an awesome feeling when you've finally finished something that you have worked so hard on.

Enjoy the relax. (Although I'm not sure about being happy at the Warriors win...)

Sharyn said...

Tee hee yess I am free

Iain said...


A new post!


Look! Another one... hangon a second...