Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I had the best time this weekend. I went to Purau with the best people. I ate the best food (mum's chocolate cake, burgers with pineapple, coconut chocolate). I played the best games (Silent Football, Pictionary, some American crazy painful game). I took photos with other peoples cameras. I looked at the sea and the sky and the hills. I felt at home there in that place.

I laughed until tears ran down my face. I worried about my friends. I felt confused about my life. I felt happy and free. I tried not to think about my 2500 word essay and my 1500 word learning journal due on Friday. I felt hopeful about the future. I marvelled that I have found such great community. I watched my best friends be themselves fully and freely. I sang Karaoke sort of. I slept during the day.

I come home and life assails me once again with its questions and confusions and assignments, (which were there even on the weekend but only quietly).

But still I have the weekend on my mind.

Me, Lee Ann, Brodie, Danielle, Simona with Shannon and Amy in front!


Iain said...

Argh ... stop!

You're making me miss Christchurch*, and I'm not even from there!

That may or may not be going to change, ask me next January ;)

*in this sentence, the word 'christchurch' and 'paul' would be synonymous were it possible to be "from paul".

p.s. if i do jump ship and escape this lousy traffic gridlock, be sure that I'll be looking up good ol' Sharyn and Simona for a coffee. Oh wait, do Christchurcheans "do coffee"? :P

Simona said...

I think we could just this once...to make you feel at home...you know accept your culture and all that.

Oh Purau my beloved Purau. that was the best weekend ever!!!

Sharyn said...

Yiss yiss it was! Iain, move down out of that dirty and car infested city. Christchurch is much better AND we have Coffee Culture down here, which is far superior to silly old Starbucks.

SubversNZ said...

Yes, to Christchurch come oh cousin of mine.

Oh how I long to see you return the invisible football with your forehead again.

Flee from the land of Aucks to the refuge of the church of Christ ;)

Matt H said...

What on earth is Silent Football dear Sharyn? :p

Iain said...

Silent Football is simply the best game in the Universe.

Ooh ooh, allow me to explain.

People end up slapping themselves, doing weird actions and generally being silly (there are rules but I'd rather keep it mysterious :P) with the major hindrance that they aren't allowed to laugh. They can't point and they can't speak out of turn either.

Their are further rules, silly actions and strange gestures that one must follow in order to report a violation of the rules by another member (i.e. nark on them). When this happens, they suffer a penalty.

After enough penalties, the round ends and the victim suffers whatever cruel fate that the group has already voted for this round.

p.s. I was going to defend Starbucks but, since I have grown a conscience and prefer FairTrade coffee (which, I might add, is shipped from CHCH), I won't. I will say that Starbucks makes a mean Iced Chai Latte, beat that!

Confusious say: said...

Continuous condemnation of Starbucks will surely result in speaker developing lisp.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a marvellous time, I'm really glad. I LOVE THE PHOTO!

amy said...

Lovely photo! ha. Yeah it was heaps of fun aye! Some highlights definately were endless games of pictionary, the endless supply of food, karaoke even with no voice left, Simona's "Annie" voice, good people, walks (short walks that is), shaun jumping on Shannone and... (we'll just keep that one under the hat), the beautiful scenery and of course the shower with a window! will have to do it again

Sharyn said...

Matt H!!! Mr Heaney, what are YOU doing on my blog, and why haven't you started one?

Iain, yesss move to Christchurch.

Mum, Amy, Etc....We had the BESTEST time.

Andrew said...

I am Starbuck man.

Don't believe me???

Go here...


That being said, Starbucks is too expensive. for the price Gloria Jeans is much better.


Danielle said...

I love what you wrote about Purau Shaz. I had such a great time. A holiday that makes you laugh til you cry (multiple times) and contemplate life as well is the best kind of holiday there is I reckon.