Monday, May 16, 2005

1.8 Kilos

Yes folks, that's how much I lost this week. Ah, I feel so self satisfied. How did it happen? I don't deserve it. I had cheescake on Saturday night, for crying out loud. Cheesecake contains all the fat and sugar intake you require for a week. Anyway, why look too deeply into these things? I lost 1.8 Kilos, probably because I'm so fantastic.

On a slightly different note - self satisfied is exactly how God never lets me stay, at least not for long. I was just feeling like I trust God oh so much, and everything is so great (and by everything, I mean me). Then bam he asks something of me that is so hard, I can hardly do it. I don't think I can do it. It is HARD to trust Him. Why is it so hard? He is God, after all. God the Uncreated. All power belongs to Him, literally. He can create the world, but he can't come through for me, in this thing? I know, its irrational. But, I hear Him say, "He knows we are dust". Yep, He knows what we are made of.

But, deep down, I know what He is made of, and somehow the courage comes to trust Him.

I hope!


Mum said...

Ummmm if you ever want it back I think I found it in the kitchen :-(

amy said...

Well done Shaz! That's awesome. My mum has lost 10kgs in about 10 weeks of hard slogga. I'm so proud of her. You go girl

James said...

I think you are doing so well