Monday, May 23, 2005

A Moment in Which to Recover

I am taking a moment to recover my brain. I have now written just under 1500 words on the usefulness and unusefulness of the concepts of ethnicity and race respectively. I am exhausted and also hungry. Did I mention exhausted? I am. My mind is tired. My body is tired. My emotions are tired. My eyes are tired. My fingers are tired. My inner voice is tired (tired of being unwaveringly enthusiastic and optimistic). I feel like I've been at it for weeks, but this is untrue.

I have a new idea for a reality show though, which brings me brief moments of joy. It will be called DHB Dream Transplant. What happens is two deserving people with kidney failure will be chosen to receive a kidney transplant. They will then have six weeks in which to recover, and to demonstrate their recovery they will need to complete certain challenges week by week. After the six weeks is up, the audience will vote to ascertain which one has recovered best. The winner gets to keep the kidney, and the loser's kidney will go up for auction. (They will have a chance to bid on it thanks to ANZ Personal Loans). Does this sound like a winner to you?

Thank you, I'm here all week.

(Disclaimer: this is not all my own work)

Also, another moment of Joy - Jesus in a Hoodie.


Iain said...

lol that might just hit the spot that Broadcasters need to reach!

I mean, it's all about being more shocking and getting ratings, isn't it?

But I have a slight change that might improve it.

You could take two unknown obese people and remove their brains, transplating them into the bodies of two really fit people - maybe New Zealand celebrities like Sarah Ulmer and Jo Cotton. They could then undertake a series of challenges whereby they decide who gets to keep their new and wonderful body.

You could call it, The Fat to Fit Fight, or something equally alliterative.

Sharyn said...

Hahahah I love it. Sold!

Danielle said...

You make me laugh. I can see that your brain is recovering well from its 'unwavinglying optimistic' state of being. Although I do wonder what kind of sick mind you must bounce your ideas off to come up with the dream transplant idea. :)

Sharyn said...

Hahah thanks, I crack myself up too. it's an old idea from these DJ's on the radio a thousand years ago, and since expanded on. I rather like Iain's idea too. I think we should go into business.

Jo said...

One word: Evangibreed.

Now that would be a cool reality show!

Do you think Shine might buy it?

Karen said...

That is hilarious. Great one, Shaz! I feel like it was slightly inspired by a show on Sunday nite when a man kept giving away all his organs and killing the people off when they didn't run their lives the way he wanted them to (they did have his organ after all so they should do exactly as he wants shouldn't they). Reality TV has gone rather weird so I definitely think your idea would fly. I do think that instead of Trading Spouses they should have trading places - like rich to poor for a day. With a twist only the poor person gets the money and the rich person decides how it should be spent. The poor person who gets to be rich for a day also gets free range with a certain amount of the rich person's wealth to do with as they wish. Not as funny as yours nevertheless enlightening.

Sharyn said...

Ah genius, we are all media geniuses. Or Genei. I can't tell.