Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In the Disabled Bay I am

And feeling quite at home in front of my abnormally large screen, fumbling with this abnormal and difficult mouse. Sheebers.

Simona is here reading about White Collar Crime (actually a very fascinating subject). I am not, I am just 'helping'. Which means reading out her outline at strategic points and stopping her from using the internet. Oh, and fixing her spelling and grammer.

Watch Star Wars we did. Yes, I was supposed to be studying and so was she, but to Starwars we went. And a tragic movie it is too, but that's all I will say. And disturbing for someone of my delicate sensibilities.

Simona, you are reading my blog and not your book, don't think I don't notice.

Ah what a world of controversy this blogging is creating at the moment. Shall I submit my views on the civil unions bill for perusal? I think not, a dead issue it is, and not to be brought up on my blog. ;-) Controversy I do not like (sounding like Yoda I do not like).

Time to stop, before I cross to the dark side.


Jan said...

OK? Fixing her grammer????

Iain said...

Actually, that blog has got a huge level of ironic humour in it, speaking of spelling and grammar.

You spelled grammar wrong then went on to use Yoda's grammar :D

I saw EpIII also, felt it was better than The Phantom Kids-Console-Gaming-Contract and Attack of the Pouty-Whiners.

At least Lucas tried to make it 'gritty', that's better than making me ill with his B-Grade Love Scene Dialogue. Oh, except for:

Ani:You're beautiful.

Padme:I'm only beautiful coz I love you.

Ani:No... it's coz I love YOU

Padme:I'm hanging up now...

Ani:Okay, me too, I'm going...

Padme:Here I go, I'm about to hang up!

Okay, so maybe I made up that last part.

But, yeah, the world would be a better place without Lucas trying to do female dialogue.

Sharyn said...

Hahahaha that made me laugh all day at work, and that is quite a feat. Is that how you spell feat in this sense? Now I am paranoid.